A different kind of Wedding destination

I have always been drawn to old derelict buildings, so when I came across Glengallan homestead near Warwick QLD, I almost peed my pants with absolute delight!!!
the beautifully restored exterior
Set in the Historic Town of Warwick, part of the Southern Downs in QLD, this stunning homestead was built in 1840 by a Farmer and Visionary, John Duechar.  Unfortunately the building was never fully finished due to bankruptcy and the passing of this generation.  It was home to many others but then 70 years ago left to wreck and ruin.

Thanks to the shear determination of a team of volunteers, Glengallan is once again shining in all it's glory, well almost.  There is still a lot of work to be done and by visiting this gorgeous homestead you will be contributing to the restoration and upkeep.

Glengallan homestead would also make a magnificent Wedding destination with your ceremony on the verandah or in the Gardens, check out the website for more info and pricing. The photo opportunities would be amazing and setting up the ceremony in these surrounds would just be breathtaking.

Quirky Comforts would be delighted to help you in the styling of this event, so just send us an email for details and we can set up the most beautiful wedding ceremony with all the Vintage Charm you could imagine.

There is also options to have photos taken within the homestead itself which would be fabulous, check out the website for costings.

Here are some more photos I was able to capture on my visit. Enjoy!

Quirky Comforts and Little Vintage Days  work together to make sure your Wedding day or special event has all the Vintage Charm in the world so please contact us to discuss details and pricing.


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