DIY Doily Christmas Decoration

Well this has to be THE EASIEST Christmas decoration in known history!  But one of the nicest!!

If you have any Doilies lying around, you don't use them and you never will?  This is a great way to give some life, beauty and purpose to that lonely, neglected Doily.

You will need

Doilies (tablecloths are great to cut up as there are a lot more flowers/stars on them)
Craft glue (I use PVA)
old large bowl
glad wrap or baking paper
mixing stick 
yummies (I have chosen shortbread to get into the Christmas Spirit)
& music... I chose Christmas music (Frank Sinatra)

Step 1

Cut out flowers/stars, shapes from you Doilies.  

Step 2

Wearing gloves measure into old bowl, two parts glue to one part water (eg 200ml glue to 100ml water) and mix well together using mixing stick. Drown the doily shapes in the glue mixture and then squeeze out excess mixture from shape, placing them to dry on glad wrap/baking paper. Leave to dry overnight (12hrs) or until dry and stiff to touch.

Step 3

Using ribbon, thread through doily to create your own pattern and tie off with a knot. Tie a loop with ribbon at top of doily.. 

 Leave some Doilies blank to give a snowflake silhouette

There is nothing better then simple and sweet.  Hope you enjoy your gorgeous Doily Decoration!!

Quirky Girl xx

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