Quirky's French cafe' for kids

If you have an old table and chairs lying around why not try this for a French twist and freshen up this Christmas.  So cheap and so easy!!!

I have had this ugly looking wooden/cardboard reel sitting on my deck for the last year and today I decided enough is enough!!! It's time for a beauty makeover by Miss Quirky herself....... These little yellow metal and wood children's chairs never get used by my son and his friends because they were ugly and dirty, so they would join the reel in a french inspired cafe' makeover.

What you will need

paint , white and blue
Two paint brushes
masking tape
sand paper
wet washer
old sheet or newspaper to protect floor.


I always do my painting outside in the fresh air.  I definitely recommend you do the same as it is so much better for your lungs!!

Sand off all the wood to make it smooth and get rid of splinters that can cause unwanted injuries. Wipe with wet cloth and dry.

Throw down an old sheet or some newspaper so you don't spill your paint over your deck (My deck is covered in old paint spills from not preparing my space first, much to my husbands horror.  I am trying to learn my lesson and do things properly and cleaner)

I decided to do the strip effect using just two colours, calico white and beach blue.  Using masking tape create thin and wide strips.   To make life even easier I decided to just do strips over alternate sides of the chairs.  If you have lots of time on your hands and want to make it look spectacular then you could paint all the wood in one colour (white), let it dry for 24 hours then create the strips with masking tape.

Paint over the parts with masking tape in blue then paint all the untapped wood with white.  Let dry for a good hour and then do a second coat of both.

Once the second coat has dried for another hour take off the masking tape to reveal the final effect!!!!!

Easy, Breezy, beautiful Quirky Girl :)  So simple but so effective. Your little piece of France...au revoir.

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