Going topless for design??

Singlet throw cushion

After having a child and everything that goes along with having a child, this gorgeous blue singlet top that I adored no longer was flattering!!!  So what to do with a top that you love and can't stand the thought of never seeing again (Ok so not that drastic!!)? Make it into a throw cushion.......

Here's how...

Take one singlet top that no longer does justice,

And chop it up!

I cut along one of the side seams then laid it out flat and cut the top straps off leaving the bottom pattern. Then I cut the hem off as I could not be bothered to unpick!! Depending on how big you want you cushion you may need to unpick you hem to maximize fabric. My cushion is 30 X 30cm 

I then cut it into two equal pieces. Turned them face to face and pined together.

I then sewed three edges together leaving one open to insert cushion  (you can buy cushion inserts from local op shops, fabric shops, spotlight and Ikea, or just pull one out of a cushion you don't like anymore).

Once inserted hand sew last edge together or sew on machine if you don't mind seeing stitch.

There you have it, a cute little throw cushion that cost me nothing but a bit of crafty time.

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