Just like Nanna's....... Cafe Design + Giveaway

I have faint memories of sitting around my Nanna and Pa's kitchen table eating ice cream and jelly, counting all the pills sitting on top of beaded end doilies laid over cups of water.  Playing on the worn out brown and white carpet with farm toys for what seemed like hours but was probably only one. I can even slightly remember the smell of moth balls and old wood.  My Mum has often talked about the kitchen table and chairs that were in her parents Queenslander style home, but I struggle to remember them. When I discovered this Vintage retro cafe in the heart of Coorparoo, all of those fond memories were reignited and my heart smiled. 

Situated along the iconic main drag in Coorparoo

Andrew who owns and runs VK & VC always had a dream to open a Cafe and last year he took the leap! Inspired by Cafe's he visited in Melbourne, Andrew wanted to create a Cafe that took you back in time.

"We just want people to walk around and have a giggle because they recognise something from a happy time."

Well he certainly has achieved this with an eclectic collection of memorabilia and furniture from the 60s and 70s.  Everywhere you look your memories will start flooding back from childhood! 

Andrew, with the help of his Mother has created such a special place to meet and reminisce while enjoying a coffee and something scrumptious to eat.  
"My mum and I argue about concepts and she brings most of them to life."
video games

One of the concepts I love are all the retro games that have been placed around the cafe. There is an Old Console video game zone, perfect for the kids to play, Trivia pursuit, pack of cards and much more.

Vintage clothing

Vintage handbags

As you are waiting for your delectable coffee and food to arrive you can browse through the collection of Vintage Clothing and Accessories for sale .  There are not many greater pleasures in life then coffee and Vintage shopping......synergy!!!

Most of the furniture items have been collected the good organic way through Ebay, garage sales, Opportunity shops and also as generous gifts from customers. Up-cycling and re-purposing is definitely evident and obviously an important part of Andrews philosophy.
 There is the wheelbarrow herb garden at the entrance, the milk crate seating out the front, gorgeous Vintage suit cases for display and storage and I love the curtains which are made from old netting.

old wooden pip reel
book shelving

Quirky up-cycled elements such as the teapot planters and Tonka truck storage placed throughout  VK &VC add to the humour of this Cafe.

comic wall

There are so many great designs and pieces of furniture at VK & VC but here are a few on my Fav..

old work table
gorgeous wooden tresel table
funky chairs
my two fav chairs

Take a stroll along the famous Coorparoo Drag and pop in to grab a coffee and snack from Andrew at Vintage Kitchen & Vintage Closet 

Tell me what you think about this Cafe design in the comments below.  If you have any Cafe's you love let me know so that I can help share the love!!!

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  1. Beautifully written and a great insight into a cafe in our local area. Thanks. Can't wait to visit.

  2. Thanks RB!!! WA is a long way from Coorparoo!!

  3. I just love someone making me coffee for a change! The Vintage cafe looks great; somewhere different for a change.

    1. It certainly is different!!! Not pretentious, just a great place to chill and be you.... Thanks for leaving a comment Abbie.

  4. I can see my old kitchen chairs there, hey...there's my Nana Mouskouri record ....that wheelbarrow is in my garden....I want to walk back in time while enjoying a coffee and cake. I did grow up at Camp Hill....in the 50's and 60's...Congrats. for the overall design and creativity displayed. Helen

    1. I wonder who this could be??? We must get a coffee there sometime Mum? xx