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As I've said many times before, the success of a cafe not only lies in great food and coffee but in the atmosphere that it creates through design and styling.  Most people won't even walk in the door if it doesn't have the right atmosphere or Vibe!

The next cafe I've featured here is arguably one of Brisbane's best and definitely one of the most affordable. Serving up delectable delights reminiscent of Grandma's kitchen with a modern twist and delivering you yum yum coffee!!!  But with all of these positives there is something else it has that needs to be has a great Vibe.........!

From the moment you see it you are intrigued to take a further sticky peek.
"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for your steak to cook" Julie Child

Welcome to Comfort at my Table
My little 4 year old man took this photo of his mummy eating her goodies!!! isn't he talented?
As I sit warming my hands with a soy latte and gluten free brownie (Yes I know....I'm one of those......intolerance queens!!), I reminisce on my time spent at this special cafe since the doors opened back at the end of 2009.  My son and I were always regulars due to the fact that my husband worked as their Chef!! "A baby Chino with two marshmallows" my son would order from Gideon, the Master behind the coffee and co-owner.

The other half, owner and Chef, Naomi aka "Nims", is the Mastermind behind Comfort at my Table.  She is an award winning Chef, having run cafe's and restaurants across the east coast of Australia,  Nims is no ordinary Lady!!!  She has passion, drive and conviction and it is hard not to be inspired by such a determined individual.  Her and husband Gideon have put together a Rustic French inspired haven to escape from the tyranny of the daily grind.  From the striped curtains draping the windows to the wrought iron outdoor settings and the apples to help yourself to on the way out.....Comfort at my Table is a little bit Shabby and a whole lot Granny!!! 

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Sweet vintage plates to serve all the goodies on. This was my gluten free brownie....yum!
Gorgeous preserves and jams for sale on vintage shelving Nims bought from Paddington Antique Centre
Nims sourced a lot of her furnishings from Ikea and added Vintage pieces throughout to give it an organic character and charm.  Most built in elements were crafted and installed by Gideon, the man of many talents.  Because I know the time and energy put in to this amazing little gem,  I must applaud Nims and Gideon for their achievement and implore you to visit the sweet cafe that is Comfort at my Table.

Do you love cafe's as much as me?  Please let me know what you think makes a great Cafe in the comments below.

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  1. What a gorgeous cafe! Love the decor and the vintage plates.

    PS: I'm hosting an Antipodes giveaway and hope you will enter:

    1. Looks good!! We love a giveaway here at Quirky Comforts!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS I love the vintage shelving - what a find! and what a gorge little cafe!

    1. It is so gorgeous Charleen! Thank you for your comment and make sure you add you email on the side bar or below for more inspirations, DIY and 30% off my Online Shop!! Leisa