Are you a Picker Sister? Diagnosis by Dr Quirky.

That's me......a Picker Sister.  Well I like to think of myself as a picker sister from another mister.  If you have ever watched the USA series with the same title you will know what I'm talking about and if you haven't then just ignore this first paragraph!
 Keep reading for some secret picker sister locations!

Are you a picker sister? Does your heart ache when you look at this old rusty, junky tractor?

Dr Quirky's top 3 for diagnosing a 'Picker Sister'

1. A money savvy chic (aka. POOR) who scavengers for junk,
2. Finds beauty in restoring, re-purposing or up-cycling the junk,
3. Sells the junk (selling item is not essential to being a picker sister but is definitely a motivator to some picker sisters, ie. me).

Other definitions - Dumpster Diver, Junk finder, Kerb side stopper , Tip yard hunter, Thrift-er, Op shopper. Please add your definition in comments. Quirky Comforts does not condone Dumpster Diving........unless it is for a good coarse, ie to feed your kids.

Do you identify with any or all the above? Score 1-3

Results and Diagnosis by Dr Quirky

1= it is not too late to turn back around and escape from this addictive condition
2= you are well on your way to destructive, irrational behaviors that will lead to deck erosion, garage mutiny, buried dinning table syndrome and complete house take over phenomenon.
3=you are a "Picker Sister"!!!!

I recently had the privilege of visiting one of my favourite 'Picker Sister' Auctions (location can not be revealed as true Picker Sisters never reveal!!) and here are some finds that took my breath away, read more.  For some great Picker Sister locations around Brisbane, read more at bottom for my favourites.

Quirky's favourite Picker Sister locations to visit around Brisbane and surrounds when in need of a junk fix!

The Rubbish Removers
Reverse Garbage
Caylamax Recycling
The Demolition Yard
Busy Fingers Fundraiser

If you have any great locations that you visit and want to share, please add to comments below.

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