DIY Up-cycled Window love

DIY chalkboard and fabric window Art for your daughters bedroom, your kitchen wall or your creative studio!!!  The options are limitless........


Old good for nothing window
Chalkboard paint
Normal Furniture Paint (your choice in colour).  You will only need a sample (small) size tin.
Paint brushes
Fabric of your choice
Glue (hot glue gun or PVA/Craft glue)
Calico or old pillow case/sheet
Ply wood
Jigsaw for cutting ply wood

Step 1

Find yourself an old character filled window from junk yards, kerbside pick up, a relative who is renovating an old house (this is how I scored mine!!).  Isn't she a beauty :)

Step 2

Give her a really good scrub and then get the sander onto her to smooth her out a bit.

Step 3

Paint, paint paint.  It is amazing what a touch of paint can do to an old worn out window.  I originally tried painting her a really bright pink but it just freaked me out........ so I went for a more marshmallow calm pastel pink.  You will need to do a few coats.

Step 4

When you wait for your paint to dry, get your sexy husband/boyfriend/partner/friend/neighbour or whoever you can find who owns a jigsaw cutter, to cut out some thin ply wood to fit the shapes of your window frames.  I forgot to take a photo but if you wait a second I will get my husband to do a sexy pose for you with his jigsaw :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Step 5

Paint again.. Yes get some chalkboard paint from your local hardware, paint shop and paint the pieces of ply you cut to fit the window.  Only paint the pieces you want to be a chalkboard and leave the others to cover with fabric.

Step 6

Find your fabric.  I cut up a top (that I loved) that was too small for my child-reared body:( You could use anything... curtains, pillow case, sheet, skirt)

Iron and cut the fabric out to fit around the remainder pieces of ply wood and glue it on.

I use a hot glue gun because it is fast drying, but you can use any fabric/wood glu (PVA/craft glue). Make sure you cut fabric big enough to fit around to the back of the ply wood.

Step 7

Now that everything is cut, painted, glued and dried, glue the pieces into their special spots.  I used hot glue gun because it is fast drying but you can use any wood/fabric/craft glue.

Step 8

Make the back look pretty and neat by cutting out calico or any piece of material (old pillow case/sheet) to fit neatly over the back.  Fold all the sides under and iron the material so it looks even neater! Then staple gun the calico onto the back of the window.  If you don't have staple gun, borrow one or glue or nail the fabric on.

I think that is it............ We are finished.  Stand back and admire all that hard work and have some fun writing messages with your chalk

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