Quirky Comforts gets a creative space

This is our garage that my husband so kindly donated to Quirky Comforts. Once a lovely bright blue concrete floor now a more calming neutral sandy tone. We painted the walls in neutral tones also just to freshen up the room.

My Studio is made up of items of furniture that still need some lovin.  I love this feel of the old worn character of items.  Adds so much history and charm to a room.  Don't you love that garage door!!!???  It will eventually be covered in wall paper panels, that is the plan!

shabby tiffany lampshade
Adding all of my lovely distressed items

We got this storage unit to act as both a dividing wall and storage.  Our laundry is on the other side. It is perfect for all of my little nicky nacks and fabric. I am starting the process of folding all of my material up, daunting but exciting!  Storage unit from Ikea.

Storage for fabric and accessories.

I was blessed to have inherited this gorgeous desk from my Pa. My sister has been using it as a dinning table but, talk about perfect timing she is about to get a new dinning table so I have scored this.  My Pa used it in Brisbane for painting and cutting glass, so now it will be put back into good use by Quirky Comforts. Isn't she a beauty??

shabby tiffany lamp
My gorgeous sewing table

This old piece of retro furniture I picked up for a steel at an outdoor Auction in Allora near Warrick.  That was a fun day..............Pelting rain and muddy fields, but it was worth it for all the bargains. I also got a mention in the local paper!!!
vintage lampshade
Retro draws in need of TLC

This Kitchen cabinet belonged to my Grandmother but now calls Quirky HQ home. It stores all of Quirky's High Tea stands.

Now this is another beauty I got from the Auctions.  This is actually two completely separate pieces.  The bottom is an orange and green distressed old kitchen storage unit with kitchen wire on both sides. The top is an old mantle mirror that would have been attached to another base.  
Together they make such a beautiful team!!!  Don't you just love the old rusted mirror? My mother asked if I was going to replace the mirror..........my response was 'I bought the mantle because of the rusted old mirror'!!  Is it just me or do other people like this effect on old mirrors??  I am yet to decide if I can part with it to sell or justify keeping it for more storage!

Distressed kitchen cabinet with adopted mantel mirror

Folding, folding, folding. I roped in a friends to help with folding all of my fabric while I tried to organise the rest of my precious junk. Thanks Cas!!! We were folding on my new cutting table that my husband made from wood I bought through Reverse Garbage

Filling up my storage unit

Ross (My Hubby) is hanging some curtains I bought from an Op shop.  This is my new cutting table.  I have a bad back and needed it to be extra tall so I don't have to bend over.  It is fantastic!!! It is on casters so I can roll it where ever I need. 
Up go my granny curtains I bought from local Op shop.  My sexy Man!

The one thing I really wanted was a space I could display my pendant lights for photographing.  I found this gorgeous rusted gate at Reverse Garbage and thought it would work great as my light display fixture. I added chains and have hung it from the roof.  Now all I need is an electrician to make my lights shine!!!!

industrial lighting
light display

These gorgeous industrial pendant lights are up-cycled using two old vintage milk strainers!!  They will be for sale through my Etsy Shop, as soon as I can get an electrician to light them up!!

milk strainer pendant lights x 2
Milk Strainer Pendant lights

My dream creative space!!

Aren't these Vintage prints from Vintage Venus divine!!!! 

Vintage prints framing the wall space

Birds eye view of studio

My Son holds a very special place in my heart so I decided he needed a very special creating space in my Studio also.  He loves it so much.  He gets all of my left over paper and fabric scraps that he cuts and glues and paints and colours.  He also has free rain with my big old chalkboard!!

My Son's special space!!
Ethan loves helping in the studio.

This is one of the great spots in my studio that I can take some awesome photos for my Etsy Shop shop and Facebook page.  This is a package that was sent for an Etsy Customer.
Photo opportunity

So let me know what you think of my new Quirky Comforts HQ.  

Top tips when designing a space for creative work:

1.) Make sure you have all of your essential equipment within easy reach (eg sewing machine, over locker, glue gun, cutting equipment, iron, bin (very important for me otherwise I just chuck all my thread and material on the floor, much to my Husband and Mother-in-laws disgust!!) 

2.) Have everything in a proper designated place and keep it tidy.   I am not a clean person (my husband will vouch for this) but I do know the value of having a tidy space to work in.  Besides, nothing is worse then not knowing where you put something.

3.) Have pieces of furniture, art, prints, soft furnishings, books, written text or anything else that inspires you so that it helps your creative juices flow. The prints I have bought through Vintage Venus are inspiring to me, I also have the Eifle tower sculpture to remind me of everything french, vintage tea cups and saucers, elegant wall paper framed, lampshades, and all of my favorite design books.

4.) Make a space for yourself where you can sit comfortably and contemplate ideas and visions.  My space is just a small french chair next to some retro draws.  I can sit here and have a coffee while I write down ideas or hand stitch purse frames or take time out to create with my son. 

Every time I enter my studio, I go and turn on my big falling apart lampshade that I adore (I will cover it one day).  The light that comes from the lamp makes my inside light up and helps turn on my creating mind.  It also reminds me of how grateful I am for this beautiful space.

Quirky Girl