Retro Dresser gets some Quirky lovin'

I found this gorgeous Retro dresser at an Auction near Warwick QLD, Australia.  No one else was bidding but as soon as I saw her I could see her potential for beauty!!

Up-cycled gears to drawer knobs

I found these gears at Reverse garbage and thought  they would make great knobs. I added the screw and bolt then  spray painted them a brilliant glam gold. I just love them.
Golden glam legs

Mint green and baby blue
Edges given distressed look.
Vintage wallpaper added to drawers

I had bought this wallpaper ages ago but knew instantly it would look divine lining these drawers. I collect old wallpaper because the prints are amazing for lampshades, picture frames and inside of furniture. A lot of them have the most amazing textures also.

I love how these up-cycled gears look amazing in gold on this dresser

beautiful strip and cross texture of drawers
At Handmade Highstreet

For sale through Quirky Comforts Online

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