Create your own Christmas Baubles. They are so easy and so pretty

Christmas is such a great time to get creative. I know in my household money is tight this year (moving house does not help either) so why not save some money and make your own Christmas gifts for the whole family. These easy to do it yourself Christmas baubles would also be the perfect gift at your work breakups and Christmas parties.

It has so much more meaning when you can say that you put your own time and energy to make your gifts and people really do appreciate it more than a bought gift.

Choose Christmas colours, green and red seem to be the going trend again this year or try doing something a little Quirky!!!!! I love pink and red combinations, as you can see from below's tutorial. Other great Christmas combos are red and white, blue and silver, and silver and white (have a snowy Christmas theme).

This tutorial was featured in the courier mail last year but since it is such a great tutorial I thought I'd use it again this year.

Hope it brings some Christmas cheer to your friends and family and maybe even to your own home.

I would love to see your finished baubles so send photos through to my email so I can share your creations.

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