Easy DIY Rustic Christmas Wreath

So I'm finally settling in to our new home and I've just realised it's almost Christmas!!!!! Freak out!!!!! The whole family is coming to stay out in the country with us so I wanted to add something simple to say it's Christmas time at our house.

I've always wanted to make a wreath but I've never really seen one that I love that is easier enough to make.  So when I saw a wreath made out of ribbons it gave me an idea!

I'll make a Rustic Hessian Wreath using the same principles and it only takes an hour, if that!! So easy!!

Here it is......why not follow instructions below and give it a go!!

What you need
Hessian material cut up into strips (2cm wide X 60cm long)
Some red ribbon or red material cut up into strips
a wire or plastic ring (I'm using an old lamp shade ring 25cm diameter)

tie the hessian strips onto the wire frame in a bow
slide bows along wire frame so they are nice and close together
tie red ribbon or red material strips in also. My Son stole my red material after that photos and cut it up, so I was left with ribbon only. Would look amazing with red material so yours will look much better then mine!!
Move bows around until you are happy with placement
Hang finished wreath on front door and be amazed at how talented you are!!

Send me a photo of your attempts!!


1 comment:

  1. I know it's a long way from Christmas but this is a splendid find! Can't wait to give this a try and hopefully I will be "amazed at how talented I am" haha:)

    Thanks for sharing!