Quirky distressed table made from a door

I have a beautiful front deck on my old house but had no table to do it justice.  So project 'find old door' started.  I have always wanted to have a go at making a gorgeous old door into a long table so now I had my chance....

First I needed to find myself an old door.  Onto Ebay I went......nothing..........then gumtree.......two old doors up for sale in my local area!!!!! I went and looked at them to make sure they were sturdy and in fairly good nick and much to my delight they were...SOLD.  Two old doors were now mine.
old doors found! back of door
front of door
Remove door knobs for sanding. You can put back after if you like (great for hanging handbags on).  Start sanding to give distressed look
that's enough sanding. 
found some old floor board to make legs from. Measure and cut. Ethan is helping daddy with this job.
circular saw does make cutting legs easy.
always wear safety gear!!

Create a box around frame to attach legs to the underside.
Nail legs to box.
all four legs on and table in place!! I then used a clear natural wax to protect the surface.
Now we have a great place to eat, drink and be merry.

give it a go

Leis xx

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