My French Dream..................not yet

For as long as I can remember I have had a dream to travel the world, but in particular to visit and live in France.  I know like many of us that dream has not come to fruition.........yet!!!!!  My husband is a Chef, a very yummy Chef, so as you can imagine we looked into working in France, but much to our disappointment we are too old (you have to be 28 years or younger). We are the ripe old age of 33 this year!!!!!!!!

We discovered that if you run your own business you can live there, so we started to think of all the fantastical businesses we could start up in a country we have never visited, nor speak the language.  Bed & Breakfast, this would be perfect Ross can run the kitchen and I could run the front!! Now we just needed to find the right house in the right location.  We bought books on how to set up Gites (french word for cottage), how to set up B & B in France. I even purchased all of the lovely books with gorgeous pictures by Vicki Archer just because I couldn't get enough of France, France and more France!!!!

I found and followed all of the Blogs that were about Australians living in France. I wrote to all of them to ask questions, hoping that they would tell me to come and stay with them in their beautiful French Maisons (house). But no such offers?

I have not made it to France yet so I decided to start a French fund.  My theory is instead of buying coffee at a cafe I will save my coffee money for my plane ticket to France.  So far it hasn't been going great because I love my cafe coffee, but this post has revitalized my vision and from this post on wards I will commit to saving my coffee money for my French fund. Please follow me and keep me accountable on my French fund journey by following me here

I have posted some gorgeous photos of all the things that I love about France. Enjoy.

Wish me luck on my French fund journey and remember to help me along by adding your email here


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    1. Yeh I have a French fund Buddy!!!! That is so awesome Abbie. We can keep each other accountable. Make sure you sign up on the sidebar to receive emails of how i'm going and I can keep an eye on you too:) who else is going to join the French revolution!!!